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Lashawn B Designs puts a contemporary spin on 70's inspired trends, bold patterns, and sophisticated and timeless garments. Lashawn B Designs caters to women with an appetite for innovative yet vintage infused garments. Whether you're a size 2 or 22, Lashawn B Designs handcrafted creations range from girls night out to runway ready. Each garment is meticulously crafted with the finest fabrics from across the world, tailored with both functionality and creativity in mind.

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Floral Mask and Headband

In Stock

Pink Pucci Mask And Headband

In tock

Diana Ross Bell Sleeve Sequins Jumpsuit
$ 525.00

In stock

Manhattan Bell Bottom Jumpsuit
$ 225.00

In stock

Navy/Pink Tie Crop Top
$ 55.00

In stock

White High Waist flared Bell Bottoms
$ 89.00

In stock

Mustard Wide Collar Pointy Sleeve Blouse
$ 75.00

In stock

White Collar Ruffle Collar Blouse
$ 200.00

In stock

Khaki High Waist Bell Bottoms
$ 89.00

In stock

Vintage Spirit Black Wide Collar Dress Coat
$ 420.00

In stock

Night Fever High Waist Vintage Bell Bottoms
$ 160.00

In stock

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She provided great service during our consultations. She also made sure everything came together perfectly my custom design top was with endless combinations and customization down to the finish detail. You can can truly get the look your seeking. I can't wait for next design. Thank you again!

Stacey Adams

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